Woe to those few Americans that were allergic to bananas!

28 Mar

So many things were encompassed by the politics of the Cold War and McCarthyism. It recently came to my attention that BANANAS are a favorite American fruit because the Joseph McCarthy witch-hunters came up with a political ad declaring it un-American to dislike bananas: “The Kremlin Hates Bananas!” It was an ad plot perpetrated by DC big-wig Allen Dulles, former Board of Directors member of the United Fruit Company (UFC) in Guatemala, which made the country famous as the original “Banana Republic” for its untenably poor working/living conditions and rejection of unionized labor. The Kremlin ad and UFC created an exorbitantly high demand for bananas in the US, making the fruit actually popular in America for the first time. People were afraid not to eat bananas in the 1950s – It would be Un-American!

Thus, in the mid-20th century, the McCarthy investigators were after at least three unmentionables: 1) Communists and Communist Sympathizers  2) homosexuals and lesbians], and 3 ) banana haters.

Woe to those few Americans that were allergic to bananas!

Eat Bananas - Fruit Dispatch Co.


United Fruit Company Banner Poster 1928


Tea Party

The Tea Party: "Eat this banana"




Chiquita Banana - most flavorful


Chiquita Banana sheet music



Record cover design by Andy Warhol, 1967
The Velvet Underground and Nico

Warhol peeled

Record album cover by Wahrol "peeled"


basquiat brownspots

Brown Spots, 1984

(Portrait of Andy Warhol as a Banana)
© The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat
Private collection, New York


Vibrator vs Banana








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